March Polish Pickup Pack – Books


Hi Everyone!

I have a whole bunch of polishes to show you today. These are from March’s round of Polish Pickup Pack. The theme for March was books! I hope you enjoy my swatches.


Alter Ego – Midsummer Night’s Dream

This is a new-to-me brand. I love the unique bottle shape and the brush was easy to control. This polish is a smooth silver foil. Application was easy. I was worried about visible brush strokes but the polish glided on smoothly. My swatch is two coats and a glossy top coat. My macro shot revealed tiny blue specks which I was not expecting.


B Polished – Like Anybody Reads In The Library

This is a gorgeous soft pink to purple thermal with color-coordinating flakes. The cold state is a glowing purple; the warm state is the soft pink. The flakes give this polish a beautiful depth in both states. Application was smooth and easy. My swatch shows two coats and a glossy top coat. I think my macro captured the thermal transition nicely.


CrowsToes – Stellla!

This polish is a gunmetal base loaded with glitter of every color! I don’t know if it’s possible to get any more glitter in one bottle! The first coat was almost full-coverage especially below my free edge but I did two coats for a fuller look. Even with all that glitter, the polish was smooth before top coat. The glossy top coat really pumped up the sparkle. I love glitter bombs because they have so much going on but removal can sometimes be a pain. This polish, however, removed cleanly and easily.


Fair Maiden Polish – You Do It Too!

Multichrome base, holo glitter and iridescent glitter – what a beautiful combination! This polish is a soft purple-red base that shifts to gold and green. It is bursting with holo and iridescent glitter that perfectly compliment the shifts in the base color. My swatch shows two smooth coats and a glossy top coat. I tried to capture all the shifts in still pictures…check out the macro!


Fancy Gloss – Captured Butterfly

This is a stunning teal green to violet thermal with turquoise shimmer and tiny pink flakes. The cold state is gorgeous teal green that blends nicely with the vibrant violet of the warm state. The turquoise shimmer is very visible in both states. My swatch shows two coats and a glossy top coat. Without top coat, this polish dries to a satin finish. I tried to capture the tiny pink flakes in the macro shot.


Illyrian Polish – Narrow Sea

This polish is a blue-leaning teal base with red-gold-green shifting shimmer and small bright blue sparks. This was fully opaque in two coats. The red-gold-green shimmer really shines through even though the base does seem dark at certain angles. The bright blue sparks pop nicely against the base color and shimmer.


Nvr Enuff – If You’re A Bird, I’m A Bird

Here’s a gorgeous magenta-red chrome polish with soft linear holo and tiny blue and silver flakes. My swatch shows two smooth coats for full opacity. The base color is so versatile – bright enough for a great spring manicure but the red is perfect for the holidays, too. The soft linear holo and silver and blue flakes give this polish a nice depth.


Pahlish – The Land Of Tears

This polish features a green to blue shifting shimmer and a generous amount of holo flakies swimming in a gorgeous violet jelly base. The holo flakies show up nicely against the shifting base. It was almost fully opaque in just one coat but my swatch is two coats (plus gloss top coat) for full coverage on my free edge.


Quixotic Polish – The Girl Who Stood On A Grave

This polish is a gray base with teal-blue-purple-red shifting shimmer and a light scattered holo. The shifting shimmer transitions beautifully and the scattered holo pops nicely against the soft base color. My swatch shows two coats and a glossy top coat.


Supermoon Lacquer – I Would Walk 417 Miles

Here’s a stunning charcoal gray polish with a whole lot of shimmer, flakes and sparks! The base is a deep charcoal with scattered holo. The flash of the blue and red sparks and the purple shimmer really shine through. There are tiny bright blue flakes in there, too! My swatch shows one coat – yes, ONE COAT for full coverage (and a glossy top coat)!


Top Shelf Lacquer – For Pete’s Sake

Want to see a super shifty multichrome polish with shifting flakes and scattered holo? Here it is! The base shifts from blue to vibrant purple, then red and green. It is full of chameleon flakes that shift from pink to orange to bright green and scattered holo glitter. The shifting flakes compliment the shifting base perfectly. My swatch is two coats and a glossy top coat.


I hope you enjoyed my reviews of these polishes. Comments and questions are always appreciated. Thank you for reading my blog.

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  1. Maysie says:

    Holy cow! Your swatches are so pretty. Now I’m kinda regretting passing on that Top Shelf.

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