Slipper Socks

Today’s post is about my latest knitting project. A few months ago, I discovered a hole in the bottom of my favorite pair of slipper socks. I loved these socks – they were soft, warm, purple and slightly too big so I could kick them off if my feet got too hot. I searched for a new pair at various stores but I couldn’t find any that were a perfect replacement.

And then I realized that I was wasting time trying to find socks when I could just make my own. I’m a knitter…I could choose the yarn, the color and size them to my feet! I just needed a pattern so I googled “knitted slipper sock pattern” and found this pattern…

Slipper Socks

The pattern was simple enough to follow. I found the perfect yarn from my stash and started knitting. I used Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. It’s slightly chunky and so soft. I wasn’t sure how the first sock would turn out but I just kept knitting and checking the measurements until it was done. The second sock was much easier and I finished my pair in a couple of weeks. Since these were just for me, I didn’t worry about fixing errors or uneven gauge. I was extremely pleased with my socks. They are soft, warm and big enough to slip off under my blanket. I showed my husband the finished product and he requested a pair.

For his pair, I knit the pattern in stockinette instead of garter and I kept my gauge mostly even. I measured the length of his foot from heel to toe and adjusted the circumference of the sock to fit his leg. Here is what the sock looks like after knitting but before sewing up the back edge, front edge and toe. The red line indicates where I folded the sock in half to sew the edges.


And here is the sock after sewing the edges and turning it purl-side out.


I’m going to use puffy paint to create treads on the bottom of his socks as we have hardwood flooring and the socks are a bit slippery. These socks were a fun and easy project and our feet are nice and warm!

Thanks for reading!

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