Heaven Scent – Roll-On Perfume – January Polish Pickup

Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for a review.

I’m excited to share with you my review of Heaven Scent’s Roll-On Perfume in the scent of Pisces Drowning.

This will be available for purchase January 3 at 10AM CST through January 6 at 11PM CST. This perfume will sell for $10.50 (slightly higher than usual due to the amethyst roller balls) with a cap of 36.

For January’s theme of Written in the Stars, Shauna chose Pisces as her inspiration (she is a Pisces). This perfume is a beautiful shimmery purple and includes a gorgeous amethyst roller ball to represent February’s birthstone.

The picture on the bottle is Shauna’s own artwork of two koi fish. Also, the name “Pisces Drowning” comes from a 12 book series she once planned on writing. Since she never wrote it, she felt it was a shame to let the title go to waste.

The perfume is scented in Aruba Coconut, Salty Sea Air, and a hint of Baja Lime. It’s the perfect blend of tropical aromas that make me miss summer so much! The strongest note for me was coconut. It’s slightly sweet but the salty sea air and hint of lime compliment it well. The scent is long lasting; I applied it in the morning and could still notice it several hours later. The purple shimmer and mica sparkle and swirl; it looks like a nebula in the bottle! The amethyst roller ball is not only eye-catching but makes it very easy to apply.

Made with jojoba oil, fragrance oil, and mica. Mica should leave behind some glittery sparkles with the shimmer (two types of mica were used for this effect).

*Please Note: amethyst will be of varying quality. Not all will be dark purple.

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