KT♥K8 Cuticle Oil

Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for a review. (https://ktk8oil.ecwid.com/, https://www.facebook.com/ktk8oil/).

Hello, Everyone!

I have a new brand of cuticle oil to show you today from KT♥K8. I will be using this product multiple times daily and will post weekly updates with photos.


From the product insert: Cuticle oil, when used continuously, can help restore health and balance to the nail plate. This results in nails that are more likely to bend instead of snap or break. This oil is nut free but it’s recommended that you test a small patch up to 48 hours before regular use if you have nut allergies. Please note that oils could be processed and packaged in a facility that also works with nut oils.

I received the Harvest Berry scented oil. The scent is very pleasant. It’s not too subtle but not too strong. I detect notes of cinnamon, vanilla and berries…yummy (but please do not consume)!

Here are my nails before applying the oil. You can see my dry cuticles and nail beds (thanks, winter!). I tend to get more hangnails and dry patches on my sidewalls so I am looking forward to seeing how this product helps with those issues.


I applied one drop of oil to the base of each nail near the cuticle and let it sit. Then I massaged it into each nail and finger up to my first knuckle. This oil soaks in quickly and my fingers didn’t feel greasy.


I will be back in a week with progress photos. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love a good cuticle oil!


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